• My first group project at The Game Assembly.
  • 6-week development (20h/week) with a team of 6 programmers, 2 level designers and 4 artists.
  • Made in Unity with C#.
  • Inspired by Geometry Dash.
My contributions:
  • The player movement.
  • Outline shader on the cubes.
Player movement:

To get the player movement metrics correct and as precise as possible, I used the post created by P1kachu for reference and guidance, which described Geometry Dash's movement. I had to translate the mathematical formulas into C# code that could be implemented in the Unity gaming engine. By doing so, I was able to get accurate and precise results for the player movement

I encountered an issue where the player was passing through walls at high velocity. To fix this, I increased the physics timestep from 50 Hz to 120 Hz, making Unity physics calculations more accurate. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this solution, here is a video showing the player successfully jumping up multiple platforms when the physics timestep is set to 120 Hz. The player failed on the fourth platform when the timestep was set to 50 Hz.