One handed keyboard


  • Custom made mini keyboard with a joystick
  • Using Arduino as micro controller
  • Used KiCAD to design the Printed circuit board(PCB)
  • Fusion 360 was used to CAD the frame that was 3D printed
  • Github link

The reason I created my own custom keyboard was that I was not satisfied with a normal keyboard to play Fortnite. On a normal keyboard you need three fingers to move to press WASD. This is a waste of fingers, because in Fortnite you need to press many buttons to build. So I decided to design a keyboard where I had joystick at my thumb, resulting in only one finger to be used to move and leaving four fingers to press different build buttons.

PCB design problem

This is an image of the PCB design in KiCAD. One problem that I had when designing the PCB was that my school only had one-layer PCBs. But the buttons on a keyboard are connected in a 2D grid which makes it best to have a 2-layer PCB, so one layer can have traces that go horizontal and the other layer can have traces that goes vertical. After much thought, I managed to create traces that only used one layer.

Early prototype

This is an image of an early prototype of the keyboard. In this image, I did not have a PCB which resulted in 100+ cables and it taking up much space. The reason it has so may cables was that I wanted the user to be able to press all the buttons at the same time.