Beat saber image

Beat Saber Remake

  • Made in Unity with C#.
  • Inspired by Beat Saber.
  • Custom level creation tool to create new levels fast.

I created my version of Beat Saber because I did not want to pay for the full game. I bought the game once on my school's Steam account and did not want to pay for the game a second time on my personal account. Beat Saber is a relatively simple game to make and I wanted to be able to play any song, so I decided to take a week to develop a prototype of the game that I could play. 

Fast level creation tool

In the normal Beat Saber, every cube is placed out manually by hand to make a level. This makes the level creation, of one song, take many hours.

I instead created a tool that lets the developer “records” a song. The developer records the song by swinging his sabers and pressing the trigger button. Then the position, time, color, and sword travel direction get stored in a file. Then the file can get played back and someone can play the level.